Everest GED® Advantage

Free GED® Test Prep Program Available at No Cost, No Obligation to You

Education is key to economic success, but the traditional education system doesn’t work for everybody. More than three million young adults drop out of high school every year.* Without a high school diploma, these young people have few options.

To help young people and their families get back on the right track, the Everest family of colleges, institutes and universities is now offering free GED® (General Education Development) test preparation at many of its campuses throughout the United States. There is no cost to the student, nor any obligation to enroll with Everest upon receiving high school equivalency.

Why offer GED® test preparation at no cost?

Everest understands that when people become educated, everybody benefits. That's why we're offering this GED® program. It's part of our mission to build stronger communities and help the people we serve build richer lives.

For more information on free GED® test preparation from Everest, including campus locations where this program is offered, call 1-888-201-6547.

*Source: National Center for Education Statistics